14 October 2016

Artificial intelligence and robotization are not fantasies but rather the technologies of the future that have influence on business processes. And they are to dramatically change many aspects of financial industry, thinks the co-founder and managing partner of Almaz Capital Partners Foundation Alexander Galitsky.
And this is the issue that was on "Development of Big Data tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI): do financiers have to make room for robots?" section agenda.
Big Data flows penetrate into more and more sectors of economy, but it all starts with the financial market where the artificial intelligence already earns profit, e.g. for developers of algorithmic trade systems. The big data future depends on whether these tools will obtain an up-to-date information that can be used in the future. "In turn, we should be prepared for big data, the database management and the data analyses as well as artificial intelligence introduction from a legal perspective," stressed Valeriy Lyach, Head of the Bank of Russia Department of Illegal Practices Counteraction in the financial market.

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