4 October 2022

From 9th to 11th November the Moscow Crocus Expo will host a FINOdays youth programme on the basis of FINOPOLIS forum for innovative financial technologies.

The programme’s goal is to attract young professionals to the financial technology industry and to develop their professional skills.

It is a Hackathon that is supposed to become the main event of FINOdays. During this event the teams will work on cases for the financial sector and insurance market on payment services, for the application of open APIs, and for the blockchain technology. All cases have been developed by major players in the financial and IT markets.

FINOdays forum has received more than 1200 applications from the leading Russian universities aged 18 to 25. As a result of the two qualifying tests, about 120 people combined into 23 teams will take part in the Hackathon. The winners will share a prize fund of 1 000 000 roubles.

In addition in addition to the Hackathon participants will be able to take part in the main programme of the FINOPOLIS Forum and in thematic workshops. Three days of networking and a real opportunity to get job offers from leading market players await the participants.

Follow the FINOdays at ВКонтакте.

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Russian Federation, Krasnodar region, Sirius Federal Territory, Olympic Ave., 1.