14 October 2016

4821.jpgThe Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and Federal Financial Monitoring Service have determined the methods of remote identification mechanism development. The parties have also agreed that the Unified System of Identification and Authentication (USIA) will be the centerpiece of the infrastructure. The aforesaid notions were on the agenda of the Forum Finopolis 2016 Section meeting on the development of the system of financial organizations client identification and access to the state information resources.

Currently, a detailed work on legal and technical issues of the developed methods implementation is underway. First of all, the system is to be experimentally tested in several banks.

"Implementation of remote identification mechanisms will ensure financial services provided for the individual customers at a considerably higher level as well as make them more accessible for more distant regions," said Olga Skorobogatova, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Going into details, she said that a list of transactions that banks can identify customers for remotely, should be gradually enlarged. According to the Deputy Chairman, all mechanisms for control and monitoring should be ensured to minimize risks in legalization of incomes obtained by criminal means (money laundering) and terrorism financing.

In accordance with the plans, the initial identification will be checked in person, and the customer will have to identify themselves personally in a bank in accordance with the regulations that are applied now. After the identification is completed, the information will proceed to the unified database, which is to be a centerpiece of the infrastructure for data storage. USIA is expected to exchange information with other state databases, updating the data received.

In a long term perspective, the Unified System of Identification and Authentication is to be supplemented with biometric data.
The source: Press service of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

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