5 October 2017

SOCHI, Oct 4 - RIA Novosti. General director of Moven Brett King Company, which produces mobile banking applications, predicts that robots on Earth will be more than people by 2035 and one of the closest technological novelties will be the introduction of intellectual glasses through which people will transmit information by signs, find out whether they like their partners on dates and understand the sincerity of politicians.

At the forum of Finopolis 2017 during a lecture King said that in the near future world expects one of the biggest technological shifts in the field of intelligent tires or intellectual glasses.

MIT is currently working on this. Facebook and Apple are spending more than $ 10 billion to research the augmented reality using intelligent glasses. He described that this will be the next major event - a new computer platform.

Intellectual glasses will be multi-functional and will allow you to do many "miracles" with the help of artificial intelligence.

King also described: "You will no longer need screens on the table, you will see this screen in the field of vision. Wearing smart glasses, you do not need to type the text on the keyboard, you will be able to write or call gestures with the appropriate signs and pictures. In the future when you go on a date with this intellectual glasses you will be able to determine whether your new girlfriend like you or not. Because artificial intelligence will anatomize certain indicators in eyes of your vis-à-vis.

"This will not be very good news for politicians, because we will be able to determine how much they lie or speak the truth, especially American politicians.


King predicts that the amount of robots on earth will exceed the number of people who will increasingly give their cases to artificial intelligence by 2035.

"By the year 2035, there will be many different robots on the planet, more than humans. Robots will deliver parcels. There will a large number of various robots that will surround us in next 20 years: drones, self-propelling cars, trucks and industrial robots.

If you work in medicine or financial services, in accounting or in the legal field, you will get the function to give some advices. However, I think that much of this work will be done by the technique - artificial intelligence.

King believes that artificial intelligence is already beginning to think independently.

"The algorithm of machine learning in Google (the robot program - ed.) uses Google's own language for machine learning.  He also noted that the machine teaches itself to solve problems and creates its own language, which even do not understand the engineers who created it.

The head of Moven Brett King Company concluded: "So I can only advise you to be kind to robots, because you never know what will expects us.”

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