14 October 2016

Application of new technologies with provision of the investment services was discussed by participants of the round table called "Robo-trading, advising, etc. How far will robotization of investment tools go?"
First of all it is about investors who are ready to invest not tens of millions, but hundreds of thousands of rubles. Servicing such customers by giving them personal consultations is not profitable. New technologies make it possible to automate the process, to make it significantly cheaper and, as a result, to involve the class of these customers in the active investing on the financial market. Possibly, they will not trade every day at Moscow Exchange or other platforms. But they will be able to compile their investment portfolios not only from bank deposits but from more complex products as well. And this, in its turn, will give such citizens a chance to get higher income on invested funds.
"A new business model is in fact a deep ocean; it enables the market representation of our citizens on financial market, and successful allotment of shares and bonds for emitters. The market benefits from this in general for sure," said Sergey Shvetsov, First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia.

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Место проведения: МВЦ «Крокус Экспо», Международная ул., 20, Красногорск
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