6 October 2017

The names of the winners of fintech-startups’ competition became known.

On October 6, 2017, the winners of the fintech-startups’ competition were awarded on the forum Finopolis.

Team “Thewaay” won the first place and a grant of 3 million rubles (a system of profiled and autonomous communication with customers through traditional channels and through the new channel of a lifestyle assistant).

The second place and 2 million rubles went to HeidBook (a neural network for analyzing the quality of service and customer satisfaction in real time with the help of cognitive services based on information from a front-line employee's web camera).

The third place and 1 million rubles was given to the start-up Robin (service for the biometric identification of the customer by voice with an accuracy of more than 97 percent).

The startup competition was already traditional for the Finopolis Innovative Financial Technologies Forum.

The startups’ competition has already become traditional for the Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies Finopolis. With its help, the main organizer - the Bank of Russia - expects to find and support new teams, which offer high-tech solutions in the financial market.

This year more than 100 applications from startups were submitted to the competition of fintech startups, which covered the areas of risk management, risk insurance, banking scoring, identification (including biometric), brokerage platforms, payment services, analysis of the quality of banking services and their personification, etc.

The jury of the competition, which included experts from the Bank of Russia and the FinTech Association, selected 12 finalists who presented their projects at the Startups Alley of exhibition area of the Finopolis 2017.

On the first day of the forum (October 5), a pitch session was held, the results of which determined the winners of the competition.


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