27 September 2019

Chris Skinner, one of the UK’s most influential technology experts, will be appearing at this year’s FINOPOLIS with a talk on the issues surrounding digital transformation in the banking sector.

Digital technology has forced banks to change their business models. Whereas previously banks were the ones to determine the way the financial sector would develop, today’s digital model gives the customer the biggest voice. Skinner’s talk will cover a range of topics, including what banks need to do in order to survive in the digital age, who is currently leading the field in this regard, and what the individual’s role is in a digital bank.

Skinner will also moderate the opening plenary session on the second day of the Forum, which will focus on trends affecting the development of fintech to 2035. Participants will discuss emerging competencies, the fintech labour market, and the future of the fintech market in Russia and across the globe.

Chris Skinner is an independent commentator on financial markets and technologies, runs – a blog dedicated to finance, and is the author of the bestselling books Digital Bank, ValueWeb, and Digital Human. He has worked as a consultant for the United Nations, the White House, and the World Economic Forum.

In the past few years, Skinner has been recognized by Wall StreetJournal’s FinancialNews and Thomson Reuters as one of the most influential figures in financial technology. He has also received numerous prizes and awards in the finance sector.

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