18 October 2018

Sochi, 18 October, Interfax – The government should conceive and develop digital services and applications for the public, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov said.

“We now consider revising the concept of commissioning digital services and applications to move away from the outsourcing model towards inhouse model, creating our own competence (...) I believe, one of the most important challenges now is to develop these competences within,” he said in his speech at Finopolis Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies.

Maxim Akimov emphasized that Russia’s development model had been rather successful, as it allowed the country to rank highly in the E-Government Development Index (according to the UN’s 2018 E-Government Development Index, Russia ranked 32nd out of 193 countries, up 3 places compared to 2016 – Interfax).

At the same time, it is important to focus the skills on creating digital services “internally” on the government side, the vice-premier added. “The big question is how to do it, because we have to compete with the market. But I believe it will definitely be good for the market,” he said.

“We feel that we cannot do without it anymore. The architectural solution and proper terms of reference, as they used to say, are bigger and more important than coding,” Maxim Akimov said.

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