18 October 2018

SOCHI, 18 October / Oleg Tinkov, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tinkoff Bank, had been speaking at the Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies on 18 October in Sochi.

“We can see that Sberbank is currently adhering to a non-aggressive policy, but this is largely down to the personal characteristics of its current CEO – Herman Gref. We must understand that nobody will be around forever, the management of Sberbank may change, and a new board would in all likelihood adhere to less liberal values, and would implement a more aggressive and hard-line policy in the market. With this in mind, I agree with the Bank of Russia’s position on the need to build a digital infrastructure overseen by the regulator.

“In terms of what business model is currently needed, I shall share my perspective. We understand that the consumer must be able to enjoy every convenience. We understand that a bank will not be successful if its mobile app is opened once a day. We want our business model to be built on the lifestyle principle, by which people can use our app to buy tickets for the cinema or theatre, or book a table at a restaurant. We understand that today’s world is becoming geared towards the creation of financial ecosystems, and we should not be mere witnesses to this process, but be ready for the outcomes, and participate in the process.”

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